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Embrace The Power Within

“Embark on a personal journey of rebirth with me. Rediscover your true self and unlock your highest potential through immersive experiences like Cacao Ceremonies, Shamanic Journeying, Womb clearing, and Reiki. Together, let’s find your way home”

How To Make Your Own CaCao Magic Drink Free Guide

Create your own heart warming cacao drink and experience BLISS in a Cup!



A conduit to the spirit of true love. Embrace its power in rituals and ceremonies for healing, transformation and a connection with the divine.


Heart Opener

Unlocking euphoric states and fostering calmness and peacefulness. Experience a profound opening of the heart to love through this blissful and natural elixir.




Elevate both brain and heart health. Boost circulation, enhance mood, restore hormonal balance, emotional well being and spiritual connection


It's delicious

Indulge in the exquisite taste of cacao, a delightful drink which can be blended with plant milk, sweetened with maple or agave syrup and other spices and herbs.

Cacao Ceremonies With Empowering Circle

Welcome to my sacred space where transformative ceremonies await you!

I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and connection through  regular ceremonies. Whether you prefer the energy of a physical group or the convenience of an online gathering, I have a variety of options tailored to suit your needs

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

Ways You Can Connect With Cacao

1. Virtual Gatherings

Immerse yourself in the collective energy of like-minded individuals during my Virtual Group Ceremony Events. These gatherings provide a powerful and shared experience, fostering a sense of community and unity.

2. Personalised One to One Gatherings

Embark on a more intimate and personalized journey with 1-1 sessions. Book a private ceremony to work closely with me, allowing for a deeper exploration of your unique path. These sessions are tailored to address your individual needs and provide a sacred space for personal growth.

3. Exclusive Experiences With Friends

Create lasting memories and deepen connections with your friends through exclusive group ceremonies. Book a private and intimate ceremony for a shared experience that transcends the ordinary. Gather your closest companions and embark on a transformative journey together

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

CaCao And Sound Ceremony

Powerful experience of Cacao & Sound healing in ceremony

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|


Cacao Ceremony Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

Meet Deb’s

‘I’m Deb, I live in the UK……

Now, where do I start?
I’ve spent most of my adult life as a performer, travelling nationally & internationally making people laugh and I’m having a blast.

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

“I believe that the truth of who we are exists in our hearts, and I’m here to help you tap into it. I’m here to help and guide you on your path of self discovery through the power of your heart as we work with the ancient and sacred medicine of cacao. Allow the spirit of cacao to open the gateway to your heart, to reconnect with your authentic self, to transform and heal, and to reclaim the zest for life that is there waiting for you.” Debs Nicholls

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|


“Deb holds the most serene healing space whilst honouring amazing Mama Cacao . Her ceremonies are a truly beautiful experience of which I cannot speak highly enough.”  Taking Cacao in Deb’s ceremonies is not just ‘hot chocolate’ , it is far ,far more than that- It gives you the opportunity to honour & nourish your primary ‘earth vessel’- (body, mind and soul)  Andrea Baines

Andrea Baines

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|