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The Gift Of CaCao

What Is Cacao?

Cacao is a tropical evergreen tree.  It is grown for its edible seeds  The cacao seeds are also called cacao beans.  These beans are processed into chocolate, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Cacao Evergreen Tree
Cacao Butter
Cocoa Powder
Cocoa Chocolate

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

History Of CaCao

The history of Cacao is a facinating journey.

The earliest evidence of cacao consumption dates back to Ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, particularly the Olmecs and Mayans. Cacao was initially used for its seeds, which were ground into a paste and mixed with water to create a beverage.

Woman Making A Pot Of Cacao
Cacao Drink

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

The Mayans and The Aztecs

The Mayans, and later the Aztecs, played a significant role in elevating cacao to a status of great importance.  Cacao was not only consumed as a beverage but was also used in various rituals and ceremonies. Mayans believed that cacao was a divine gift from the gods.

Mayan Pyramid Image
Woman Harvesting Ripe Cacao

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

CaCao Beans As Currency

Cacao beans became a form of currency in some Mesoamerican cultures. The Aztecs used cacao beans as a means of exchange and tribute. Spanish explorers, such as Hernán Cortés, encountered cacao during their conquests and introduced it to Europe.

European adoption and adaptation:

In Europe, cacao initially gained popularity as a beverage among the elite. Over time, sugar was added to sweeten the bitter taste, leading to the development of the first chocolate bars. 

Cacao Stamped Coins Of Peru Image
Chocolates made from cacao

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

Industrialisation And Globalisation

The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century brought innovations in chocolate production, making it more accessible to the general public. European colonists established cacao plantations in tropical regions, leading to the globalization of cacao cultivation.

Modern chocolate industry:

Today, the chocolate industry is a global phenomenon, with various forms of chocolate and cacao products available worldwide. Efforts are being made to address issues such as ethical sourcing, sustainability, and fair trade in the cacao industry.

The history of cacao reflects its evolution from a sacred beverage in ancient civilizations to a global commodity enjoyed by people across cultures and continents.

Cacao Info Graphics
Chocolates made from cacao

The Wisdom Of Mama CaCao

Mama Cacao has this unique magic, connecting with each person through emotions, a warm heart, and intuition, tailoring her approach just for you.

Sometimes, she wraps you up, unlocking your heart and guiding you through these beautiful landscapes. Every now and then, she plays the role of a wise mentor, bringing clarity to your thoughts. And, like a true friend, she’s there to guide you on when to let go, surrender, or take off and soar.

Her energy is like a soothing balm, bringing healing, connection, depth, release, and sparking creativity. Yet, through it all, Mama Cacao is a gentle teacher, sharing wisdom on balance and leading a more heart-centered life.


Spiritual Benefits Of CaCao

Indulging in ceremonial cacao is like a soulful hug for your spirit. Let’s explore the spiritual perks with a friendly touch:

The Spirit of Cacao safeguards ancient and sacred wisdom. She is seen as a Soul medicine, a bringer of Peace, and a Rainbow Medicine in the spiritual realm.

Many indigenous communities recognize the Cacao Spirit as a feminine influence linked to the emotional realm, the voice, and a means of connecting with the Divine. Mama Cacao embodies vibrations of kindness, unconditional love, and joy, fostering a loving connection with oneself and others.

Cacao’s energy is nurturing, maternal, and delicately soothing. Mama Cacao communicates directly to the heart. When we tap into the heart’s energy, our voice resonates with a profound intelligence, carrying peaceful vibrations.


“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

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Heart-Centered Connection:

Opens a channel to your heart’s wisdom, nurturing a sense of love and compassion within

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Elevated Awareness:

Opens a channel to your heart’s wisdom, nurturing a sense of love and compassion within

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Intention Amplification:

Acts as a conduit for setting and amplifying positive intentions, aligns your energy with your soul’s purpose

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Spiritual Grounding:

Encourages a grounded and centred state of being, connecting you with the present moment and the energies around you

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Sacred Ritual Enhancement:

Elevates the sacredness of rituals, creating a mindful and intentional experience, facilitates a sense of reverence and gratitude

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Energy Cleansing:

Assists in clearing and purifying your energetic field, Invites positive energy, promoting spiritual balance

“So when you sip on ceremonial cacao. you’re not just indulging in a delightful drink.  You are inviting a spiritual journey, a moment of connection with your inner self and the energies around you.”

Physical Benefits Of CaCao

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Brain Bliss:

Elevates mood, balances, and boosts brainpower. Brings clarity, focus, and motivation. Opens up awareness, reducing stroke risk

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Heart Medicine:

Shields your heart by reducing disease risk, Enhances blood vessel function. Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and eases insulin resistance

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Body Harmony:

Packed with essential minerals and antioxidants. Balances stress hormones, relaxes muscles, and eases PMS symptoms. Fertility-friendly

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Mood Magic:

MAO inhibitors: Your appetite’s gentle companion. Dopamine: The happy dance chemical. Tryptophan: Serotonin’s creator. Endorphins: Your stress-busting buddies

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Love Lift:

Oxytocin: The cuddle molecule. ‘PEA’: Spreading joy like confetti. Anandamide: The bliss molecule, enhancing focus, motivation, and well-being. Serotonin: The happiness cheerleader, helping with stress and anxiety

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Energy Elevation:

Theobromine: The “Food of the Gods,” boosting blood flow and energy sustainably. Flavanols: for better blood flow, sharper thinking, clairity and encouraging brain cell growth

“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|

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“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|


“A heartfelt thank you for such a beautiful ceremony this evening – it was just perfect. Intimate and the connection to Mamma Cacao was my best ever. It was deeper and better than I’ve ever experienced. It tasted better , felt better was just amazing. Thank you for sharing your enhanced journey with us and I’m sure I speak for us all. We all felt the instant connection and high vibration of pure heart love.  Thank you. Looking forward to the next cacao ceremony.  Lots of love xxxxx”


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“The Spirit Of CaCao Will Uplift You” | Deb Nicholls|