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Latest Past Events

Cacao Ceremony & Qigong Workshop Spring Energiser

Belbroughton Church Hall Church Road, Belbroughton

A chance to experience a unique event fusing the power of the Cacao ceremony with a Qigong session to detox and cleanse you for spring time   Cacao is far more than a cup of chocolate, it’s a super-food, it’s a mood booster, it benefits your heart (physical & emotional) helps with circulation, helps with […]


Spring Equinox Cacao & Sound Ceremony

The Beehive Pennyfarthing Arcade, Dudley

Celebrate the energy of the season with the medicines of ceremonial cacao & sound healing With Cacaoist Deb Nicholls and Vocal Sound Healer Andrea Baines For New Beginnings, Rebirth & Manifestation The Spring Equinox is a festival of awakening and rebirth. It is literally encouraging you to be reborn. As we welcome in the fresh […]


Cacao Ceremony Twighlight Cacao

Twilight Cacao Deb is an experienced Cacao facilitator, tapping into the wisdom of indigenous Cacao ceremonies for spiritual and emotional growth. She channels the healing and wisdom of Mama Cacao, a gentle yet potent healer, guiding transformative journeys. Deb’s expertise extends to female energy work, specializing in womb blessings, healings, and Reiki. She also empowers […]