How To Make Your Own CaCao Magic Drink Free Guide

Create your own heart warming cacao drink and experience BLISS in a Cup!



heart health support, improved brain function, rich antioxidants for cell protection, enhanced circulation, packed full of nutrients



Facilitates heart opening, deep meditation, emotional release, and a sense of sacred connection.



Releases ‘feel-good’ hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, providing emotional support by promoting positive moods, relaxation, and  well-being


Personal Journey

An increased awareness of emotions, a deepening of compassion, and a feeling of unity with oneself, others and nature

Cacao And

New Moon Intentions

You Can Welcome The New Moon With A CUP Of LOVE Cacao Warming Drink! BLISS In A Cup!

The new moon is a beautiful time to set your new intentions! Why not use Cacao as the gateway into opening up your heart to a deeper connection and awareness to your deepest desires?

Embrace the new moon’s energy by connecting with the divine from a pure heart. Utilize cacao, known as heart medicine, to enhance your experience and nurture intentions through the purity of your heart.

Cacao Drink Graphic

During the new moon, carve out time for self-care.

Create a serene space, light a candle, and play soothing music.

Indulge in a cup of cacao, connecting with the spirit of mama cacao in your heart.

Sip with intention, letting the moon’s energy infuse your cacao.

Trust the process.

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