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“Hello Lovely”

I’m Debs, other than meeting beautiful people and sharing my gifts, I love spending quiet times in nature, especially near the mountains and beautiful waters.  I love the best of simplicity and beauty.


we are all healers, sometimes we just need reminding


Everything is connected and everything is here to serve our elevation


I love learning.  We are never too old to learn new ways of being and doing

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Living life to the fullest and helping others to align with their highest greatness


Sharing the beauty of connection, healing the feeling of separation


Once I understood that I could choose how I wanted to feel, that’s when my life changed

Life Changing Moments

My awakening has been both challenging and transformative. Along the way, I’ve embraced my love for Reiki, Womb Healing, and the Magic of Cacao. These practices have enabled me to connect with the profound wisdom of the divine feminine, supporting me in becoming a holistic healer and spiritual guide.

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I had a deep inner calling to work with the sacred medicine cacao and what a journey that has been. It has such a profound effect on my life that I can’t even put into words the transformation not only for me but for so many beautiful souls that have worked with me and continue to work with me.


I’ve always had a natural gift when It comes to people, they naturally feel safe to open up and divulge their innermost traumas and issues with me which is an honour and humbling.

My healing and personal transformation journey had started many years ago as a Reiki healer, having experienced issues with gynecological issues in my younger days, I felt drawn to explore in more depth how women could relate to the power of their womb for personal healing and transformation using other healing modalities.

Healing Womb

I didn’t know what to expect from a cacao ceremony and was worried about cultural appropriation, but it was such a beautiful, well informed experience that honoured mama cacao, and the history and culture it comes from. It attracts such lovely people too. I felt so safe and comfortable in the group, and would recommend anyone to try it. I felt so calm and grounded for days after. Thank you Deb.

Kelsey Baggott

How I Can Help You

Book your therapeutic session with me or choose the Wellness Package which includes everything and experience the benefits of what each one can bring.  You can also mix and match to your unique desires.  Book a discovery consultation with me and create your personal healing retreat.

CaCao Ceremony

Allow the spirit of cacao to open the gateway to your heart, to reconnect you with your authentic self, to transform and heal, and to reclaim the zest for life that is there waiting for you.  Deepen your connection with a cacao ceremony.

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ReiKi Healing Sessions

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. As A Reiki practitiones I will deliver energy to your body, improving the flow, balance of your energy to support healing.

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WomB Healings

The womb healing is a beautiful experience that helps to rebalance your female energies. It rebalances your inner energy flow.  It is ideal for women who may be suffering emotional and physical traumas as it is a gentle nurturing experience

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WomB Blessings

The Womb Blessing is a powerful healing that awakens and transforms the feminine energy within you as a woman.  It helps to release deep rooted issues or blocks and reconnects you to the divine feminine and your own natural feminine energy.

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Sacred Womb And Elevated

Reiki Healing Packages

Do you feel like you would benefit through creating your own unique well-being healing retreat?  I offer a combination well-being package that will support you. Including, Womb Healing and Blessing, Cacao Cermony and Reiki.

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CaCao Retreat E Book

and Journalling

This beautifully illustrated Cacao Retreat Ebook will guide you into creating a cacao retreat for yourself.  Cacao Retreat Ebook is ideal for those who have participated in a Cacao Retreat and would love to continue their journey in their everyday lives.

Cacao Retreat Guide